Post Traumatic Stress Chicken


Ever since the World Trade Center tragedy, Chicken Piccata has not been cut sufficiently lean enough in recipes and restaurants across the USA. In addition, the spritz of lemon used in the preparation has evolved into a travesty of faux-lemon juicy jokiness, neither delicate nor sublime, and frankly, at times, repugnant in the extreme. Capers, also a critical, salient ingredient in ‘Piccata, are used only sparingly of late, while the pasta beneath the ‘Piccata is often a pale rather than a fresh, vibrant yellow. The dish as a whole is something that is barely recognizable from the dish we once knew it to be. There are times where I feel like, looking at the plate, I must candidly confess: I am staring at a lonely, frightened, smelly stranger, and I want nothing of him.

Comic Strip Revisions


It’s not an engagement ring, is it? It certainly can’t be an engagement ring (can it?) What is this? An engagement ring of some sort? What sort of engagement ring is this, I might ask? If that is an engagement ring, then my name is Rod McKuen! Was Rod McKuen ever engaged? Rod McKuen had a nice ring to it. What the goddam hell is that engagement ring doing here? Si Vous Plait: un ring du engagement, n’est pas? For the love of Pete, tell me this is not one of those engagement ring jobs. Hey! You with the engagement ring! I love you! Also. It looks like an engagement ring, but upon closer examination, it is a secret decoder ring! Chapter 2: A RING (The Engagement). Would you like to marry me, via this engagement ring? This engagement ring, it isn’t real. I am not real. You are not real. I will now stop. POOF! FINI! If you were to marry me, you’d make me the happiest fella in the whole world but first, let’s try on this engagement ring, shall we? I brought my engagement ring – did you bring your engagement ring? I’m tired of rings and engagement. Let’s just get married, or divorced. Are you hungry? I know! Let’s die! If it weren’t for this engagement ring, I would have drowned! Help! I am drowning! Throw me a ring of some sort – any ring will do!



RickyRicky Garni is a graphic designer and electronics doohickey composer, whose poetry is widely available in print and on the Web. He has been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize and received an honorable mention on one occasion. His poetry titles include The Eternal Journals Of Crispy Flotilla, Maybe Wavy And The Sea Of Kicking Legs. Jiggle Fest, a collection of short prose, was released in December 2014.

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