Looking Up Ghosts on Youtube

Like you,
I found Elisa Lam

years after she drowned in
a water tower on

the Cecil’s roof,
the gravity system

pulling her down
through the shower

heads and faucets
of guests below

until they complained
about the taste,

and police discovered her
body, no signs of

trauma, and shipped her home.
Push play, and she still

presses every floor
in a gaping elevator

leaving when it refuses to,
her last night in the hotel

recorded three years ago
and there she is again

stepping into the hallway
one more time,

the last before I’m asked
if I’d like to watch

her disappear once more
and wind her back to life.


geoff anderson

Geoff Anderson teaches English to foreigners. He tries to let his students do most of the talking in Columbus, OH. You’ll learn he is a fan of the Oxford comma. His work can or will soon be found in Rust + Moth, Cider Press Review, and *82 Review, among others.