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To celebrate our first year of marvelous poets Wherewithal is going to release a print issue with all our published poets!  And include our third issue.  We are planning on having an annual print issue.  We are super excited to make this our FIRST!  We have so many poets that are amazing, and know that we will have more poets just as talented coming our way.

So the second way we are celebrating our first year, it is with a contest!  That’s right when submitting this time you have a choice.  You can submit 3 poems for a measly $8.00 and possibly walk away with $200.00 and be the first ever winner of the Wherewithal Annual Contest.  And what’s even more Amazing, is we are still a paying market, so if you make it into the finalist round (which you will know by the end of July) we are going to publish you and pay $10 per poem, even if you aren’t the first place winner!

We just want you to submit your great poetry to us, so say you simply do not want to be in the running for the $200.00, that’s fine submit to us anyhow, following the guidelines here, and if we take your poem(s) we will still pay you $10.00!  Because for Wherewithal it is easy, we value poets and their poetry!

Concerned with what we are looking for?  Check out our previous issues. (#1 and #2) Plus a few poets we find amazing that are out there today: Natalie Diaz, Frank Gaspar, Mary Szybist, Jericho Brown, Kim Addonizio, Jamaal May, if that helps.

Start those submissions coming in!



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