Poet Spotlight ~ Jeff Whitney

Recently Jeff released a book in collaboration with Philip Schaefer, Smoke Tones. I have to give props out to the publisher for one of the coolest covers I have ever seen on a book. I imagine the work will be as moving as what is here, so hurry and buy this book.  Jeff starts out the poetry spotlights for our second issue today.



How the tractor belonged to the boy
and the field was sparse with horses.
How he couldn’t spell cantaloupe
or the name of his sister.
How there was wire in his blood,
a few dead-eyed bays, a little glimmer
of symmetry. And after the storm,
how his mother’s night robe
ghosted for weeks in the trees.



Jeff WhitneyJeff Whitney is a graduate of the University of Montana and the author of The Tree With Lights In It (Thrush Press). Along with Philip Schaefer, he co-authored Smoke Tones, which is forthcoming from Phantom Limb Press, and Radio Silence, winner of the 2014 Black River Chapbook Competition from Black Lawrence Press. Recent poems can be found or found soon in BlackbirdColumbia Poetry ReviewPoetry NorthwestSalt Hill, and Verse Daily. He lives in Portland, where he teaches English.

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