Submissions are open for Issue #2


Let’s start with the major news, we are now a paying market!!!!!  Make room in your wallets, for the $10.00 awaiting each poem we publish.

Wherewithal seeks poems of any length and form.  We like images that leave us breathless, and show attention to cadence, technique, and craft.  Our aim is to be a magazine of diversity in its POETRY and its POETS.   Of course, in the end, the poem will speak for itself, and any decisions made.  Saying that, we have a strong aversion to rhyming poetry, or heavily cliched.

You may submit up to five poems, but please only submit once every four months, and if you were in the last publication, please skip an issue prior to submitting again.  This will not apply to the summer season contest.

You must submit via our Submittable page with your poems in a single .doc or .docx file.  Include a 50-100 word bio in the Cover Letter section.  A photo to accompany your poem(s) will be asked for upon acceptance.

Do not submit anything that has been published elsewhere, whether it be in print or anywhere on the internet, including your blog or Facebook.  We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

And as previously mentioned, we have decided with our second issue to become a paying market.  It is a token payment of $10 per poem.  It’s simple, we think your work has value, and we wish we could show it with more, but we are young and poets as well.

We hold First North American Serial Rights, and all rights return to the author upon publication.  We do ask that you mention us in reprints of pieces first published here.  We could use the publicity.

Our aim is to honor great work by being quick with our responses.

We publish 3 times a year, March, July, and November, with a compilation of the best work in Print once a year and an annual contest in summer.

Thank you for considering our magazine.

Submissions are now open until February 14, 2015.

Submit POEMS here.

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