Submissions Closing!

You only have 4 days left to find a home for your poems at what we are predicting will be the best new Poetry Journal of 2014, Wherewithal!  The submission period will close on September 30th and then we begin the process of amazing you with the inaugural issue that so far includes, Richard Garcia, National Endowment of the Arts and Pushcart Prize Winner; Gillian Wegener, Poet  Laureate of Modesto; and Erin Elizabeth Smith, whose poem, “The Cartography of Alice” we are giving you an excerpt from below in hopes of motivating you into SUBMITTING right now!

The Cartography of Alice

I can almost chart the distance to her,
those tangled surface streets of vein,
this woman a starred city,
an atlas ring of interstate.


It is nearly too much,
the way she leaves each day—
hands fishing in pockets
for a thing she never finds.

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